Friday, March 23, 2012

"These Are a Few of My Favorite Things"

I'm obsessed with all things original & cute, just like everyone else. Ha! So this week I am posting some of my favorite blogs and why I love them and use them for inspiration for outfits, decorating, recipes, and life.

1. Lauren Conrad This website is full of super cute outfit ideas, pictures, delicious recipes, and so much more! I am constantly on this website, for better or worse. She is all about a green, healthy, balanced lifestyle. She posts frequently, but not so often that it's annoying and her posts are just the right length. Her website also has it's own forum & such, that's a little much for me, but it doesn't distract from her wonderfully inspirational posts. I use this site for day-to-day inspiration.

2. The Pioneer Woman I want my life to be her life. I want to be funny, marry a cowboy, have lots of children, and just cook all day. And be hilarious. But since none of that has come my way yet, I live vicariously through her blog. This website I use for more future reference. Such as, how I wan to raise my children, what recipes I want to cook when I actually have money, etc. But I mainly just read it for pure entertainment. You will not be disappointed. 

3. PSS This website is run by an adorable, medical student. I also want my life to be her life as I am a pre-dental student. But I'll have to actually wait to be in dental school and have money, so until then, I vicariously live through her website. (I promise I do actually have a life, a small one that comes in 2nd to school, but a life none the less). Anywho, she gives great product reviews, I refer to those the most, and great make-up tutorials. Sometime her outfits are a little much for my taste, but I definitely use them as inspiration to get more creative with my own outfits. I also don't dress up that fancy too often, but this website is perfect for girly-girls.

4. Bethenny For all things skinny, visit the Skinnygirl's website, Bethenny Frankel. She posts great recipes, fun party ideas, and so much more. I also personally recommend all of her products, especially her daily cleanse & the 3 original Skinnygirl drinks. I haven't tried the rest yet. I also use her yoga DVD. Her website supports lots of charities & is all about balance & health as well. She is also my guilty pleasure, she is hilarious, inappropriate, & abrasive, but in a good way. Watch her show, Bethenny Ever After, to fully appreciate her humor. It will not let you down.
5. Tadlock101 If you want to know how to have perfect hair & need step-by-step make-up tutorials, this is a great place to find them! The girl that's in them rambles a little bit, & isn't the brightest crayon in the box, but if you can look past that she does know her hair and make-up! She likes to show-off her clothes & shoes too, which are pretty good outfit inspirations (sometimes a little young, but she is younger than me). And since she is still in high-school, all of her stuff is budget friendly. Definitely not a place too look every day, but once in a while is good!

6. People I realize that this is not a blog, but I do use the website to admire celeb outfits, occasionally read the drama in their lives, & get a good laugh (especially with the 10 Best Celeb Quotes of the week). Random, but I do love it. Sometimes. I have to be in the mood to love it.

Hope you find these as helpful as I do! Enjoy!


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