Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day!

Leap Day is my favorite day of the year! I never do anything spectacular on it, it's more due to my fondness of unique things. So I will be sharing a few of my favorite unique things that I absolutely love!

1,2, 3!
My first 3 favorite things are on the first photo below:
1. Argan oil: absolutely amazing!!! I don't know how I ever survived without this before. Just put a little dab in your hand when your hair is slightly damp and run your fingers through your hair. Your hair will turn instantly soft and silky smooth! Blow dry it, sit in the sauna, it doesn't change! No frizz, no grease, just amazing texture and scent! I used it yesterday, used dry shampoo on top of it today and my hair does not look like second day hair. Simply amazing!
2. Falsies Mascara: Gives your eyelashes the perfect amount of volume and length with one good coat!
3. Naked eye-shadow palate: All amazing, neutral colors! I saw this on several beauty blogs and new I had to have it. You can use any of the colors together and you can't go wrong! So experiment away without fear of being ridiculed! ;)

4. Fossil Watch: I spent years searching for the perfect watch, and found this gem! It has a big face, and kind of a chunky man-watch feel, but still looks very girly. It has just enough "bling" without being gaudy and it goes with absolutely everything! I wear it almost everyday.

 5. Old Navy Scarf: Amazing! I normally don't wear alot of bright colors, but this scarf is the perfect accent piece! It gives the an amazing pop of color without looking out of place! Pair it with any neutral and you can't go wrong.

6. Orchid: This orchid is simply gorgeous! By far the best birthday present I've ever received. (My family is not great an gift-giving unless you buy it yourself, wrap it, and give it to them to give to you). This picture does not do it any justice. Just water once a week with 3 ice cubes and it lasts forever! Makes any room feel more fresh and sophisticated.

7. Purple Candle: My dearest friend Sarah gave this to me years ago on my birthday but it is just too pretty not to share! It's also too pretty to burn, but it's a great shelf-filler!

8. Fuzzy blanket: I refuse to snuggle on the couch with any other blanket now. It is so soft and warm! And so cute and different! I love the pattern, I've never seen one like it before, except on a slide of DNA. (Science nerd in me coming out).

Those are some of my favorite, unique possessions! I hope y'all had an amazing Leap Day and I hope an amazing Leap Year! And remember the most important lessons from Leap Year:
1. Time is fleeting
2. Be unique, be yourself, because everyone else is taken


Monday, February 6, 2012

Journey to Grace

God has overwhelmed me with His love and grace this past month. So many things worked out because of His hand, and I can only imagine what my situation would look like right now without His mercy. I don't deserve His love and I feel ashamed that I need it. I feel guilty for needing Him and His mercy, but I was born a sinner! There is absolutely nothing I can do to change that. And I can't undo the sins that I've already done. But God can change that. He makes us a new creation daily. Daily. How amazing is that? We don't have to live with regret, shame, or guilt. We need to look up to God for His love and grace instead of down into ourselves wherein we only find more guilt and shame. So let go, and let God. We can't change the past, but God can change out future. And remember, it is a journey to grace! Not a journey in a sense that we have to earn His grace or love, but we need to realize we have His unending love and grace already! We are already forgiven! So live in the freedom of His love! If you believe this, live it so that you can show Christ to others through your renewed heart. Live and love radically. Open your heart to His forgiveness and grace, and forgive and love as He does. If you are dealing with guilt, shame or regret, and wondering how God will change your future, here are some references that may help:

1. The Christian Atheist by Craig Groeschel, especially the chapter 'When you believe in God but are ashamed of your past'

2. II Corinthians 4, the whole thing is wonderful!

3. Look up verses on love! Remember how much He loves you because of who you are, His child, not because of anything you have or haven't done! You are dearly loved and deeply delighted in!